Mientras tanto, en Canadá: Una mujer policía se arranca en una batalla de rap

Mientras tanto, en Canadá: Una mujer policía se arranca en una batalla de rap…

Esta es la letra:

Yeah I’m a cop
Region of York
People call me pig,
but what’s wrong with pork?
Drop that knife man
Don’t grab a Port
Teach me how to dougie
While I’m heading into court

I like my doughnut Boston Cream
And my coffee double double
I try to drink it hot
Before someone starts trouble

I don’t wanna ruin your night
I don’t wanna burst your bubble
But I gotta get you home safe
Or the media will bury me in rubble

Everyone hating needs to take a chill pill
And take the time to get to know me if you will
Cuz I’m ill
I’m real
I arrest those who kill
I give warnings and catch those who drug deal

And every day at work
I hear it saying…(Tyler?)
Eff you piggy, your life doesn’t matter
People wanna chop me up
And serve me in a platter
Being like “yeah”
That doughnut made you fatter
I 100% agree
In love and equality
And everyone to feel free
And feel like they can come to me
Without saying “Ah! Police don’t care.”

I wish it would stop
I would put my life on the line for you
Black or not
I would’ve taken a bullet
for both biggie and tupac
Right after I ran hickory dickoryee doc
Off the clock
So next time you try to spit something hot
Just remember I’m the cop
That protected Jenny from the block.

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